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Protrade is a Furniture Department Store located in Paramaribo, Suriname. Protrade offers: home supplies, electronics, air conditioners, fitness equipment, furniture and after sales services. In 1998 Protrade was founded as a sole proprietorship and later became a Limited Liability Company.Key drivers are: experience and expertise, commitment to excellent service to meet the needs of a broad customer’s base, comprising individuals, families, small businesses, large corporations, institutions and the government.


Products and Services


Protrade offers its customers high products by selling products of different renowned brands and as secondary activity a professional after sales service. Products are offered based on trends, fashion, availability and customer demands.  Customers can also place a special orders.

Products can be categorized as follows:

  • Home supplies: blenders, refrigerators cooking electronics etc.;
  • Electronics: televisions, air conditioners, home theatres, radio’s, DVD-players etc.;
  • Fitness equipment; treadmills, steppers, bikers etc.;
  • Furniture: dining sets, office furniture, beds, sofa’s etc.


Besides renowned brands as: Toshiba, Sharp, Samsung, Oster, Panasonic, Black and Decker, Athletic and Frigidair.

Protrade is the only agent and distributor of the brand Athletic for fitness equipment. Besides that Protrade is also the official distributor of the brand “Frigidaire” for home supplies and electronics.

In the context of its strategy formation process Protrade follows its internal processes and the market environment closely. Protrade does this by means of internal-and external research. In this chapter various models and analyses are presented in detail, which Protrade uses for its strategic goals.


Mission and Vision

In the strategy of Protrade is included the journey from the current position to the future position. In the vision is described what Protrade does. The way in which the objectives are designed is expressed in the mission.

Vision : Protrade wants to be a leading home furniture store in Suriname that offers products with an ideal mix of creating value, quality and great design for all stakeholders with a high corporate responsibility.
Mission: Protrade aims to provide its products and services in the way its customers want them: with exemplary service, high quality, convenience and at competitive prices.


Slogan: Beautifying your home is our mission!


Corporate responsibility

Protrade defines her corporate responsibility by defining three main pillars:

–          Earth: go Green

–          People

–          Corporate Governance


Earth: go Green

For Protrade, the environment is important, this is involved in the way how business processes are affected by our ‘thinking green’ responsibility. With that being said, we can summarize some points where it is clearly reflected that we support all kinds of processes which encourage this.

–          All the light bulbs in the store warehouse and at the reparation site have been replaced with CFLs. The use of CFLs is to decrease to use of energy. (CFLs use significantly 75% less energy than incandescent light bulbs)

–         Within Protrade, a lot of documents have to be printed and copied. to minimize the use of paper, we use double sided copying as a standard. Double sided printing doesn’t only save on paper, but also on energy, money and waste.

–          Within our company, documents have to be archived. We save space by using shared networks, and we send our information through email instead of printing them out.  This is a system to efficiently save space, and to use less paper.

–          We support products that use less energy and less water (Frigidaire dishwashers, refrigerators, washers, freezers and ranges). We highly advise these products to our customers to decrease the usage of energy.

–          We avoid unnecessary use of energy. Such as:

If the air conditioning system isn’t being used (for example in the kitchen), we turn it off

And if lights don’t have to be on in some spaces (e.g. kitchen or archive), these are also turned off.


In our warehouse, a lot of plastic wrapping and boxes are being used for the safeguard of our product during transportation. To reduce waste we recycle most of our boxes and plastic wrapping. The plastic wrappings are delivered to the plastic recycling company. At the end of the week the boxes are transported to three different parties.

  1. We have a freelance carpenter who is responsible for all the repairs of furniture. The majority of the boxes are being used by him for repairs of furniture.
  2. A group of constructive builders which use boxes in their daily work.
  3. Different school and art centers


Our People and values


We are focused on protecting the safety of our employees, engaging with them, and increasing the diversity of our workforce so that it reflects the societies in which we operate. Executive team members hold regular meetings to communicate with our employees. In addition, team and one-to-one meetings contribute to employee development and motivation by raising awareness of financial, economic, ethical, social and environmental factors affecting our performance.

The directors have overall responsibility for key policy decisions relating to employees. This group along with executive team members frequently discusses longer-term people priorities like:

–          Rewards;

–          Progress in our diversity and inclusion program;

–          Recruitment priorities (including graduate recruitment)

–          Health insurance,

–          Legal insurance for accidents which could occur on the work floor

–          Personal loans

–          Housing opportunities

–          And improvements to our learning and development programs.

The committee also monitors key people metrics and progress made

The ages of our employees differ between 19 and 45 years old. Dependent on the age of the employee the quantity of the workload is decided. During a workday every employee has the right to teak three breaks. One in the morning, at lunch time and one in between lunch and the end of the workday. A total of one hour and ten minutes summed up.

To encourage teambuilding we frequently plan outings such as family days, day trips, joint celebrations, the yearly Christmas dinner and New Year’s party.


Corporate Governance

Protrade’s corporate governance is aligned with international standards and practices to ensure proper checks and balances, and to safeguard the effective functioning of the company.

Our Company’s culture underlines our commitment to create an environment where trust and confidence in the ethics of our exertion are assured, providing value to our customers and stakeholders.

We operate with about 40 employees so understanding and appreciating the diversity of our employees is very important to us.

Our management systems, organizational structures, processes, standards, code of conduct and behaviors together form a system of internal control that governs how we conduct the business of Protrade and manage associated risks. Our risk management system is designed to be a simple, consistent and clear framework for managing and reporting risks from the group’s operations to the board.

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