CHiQ 9000BTU Inverter Airco | 110V

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CHiQ 9000BTU Inverter Airco | 110V | CQASIE09C1S16W
CHiQ Inverter uses the high efficiency compressor and quality DC Motors to ensure AC work stably, efficiently, safely and with energy-saving. 0.1 ° C accurate sense of technology under CHiQ Inverter works with the fine temperature capacity increased by 2-5 times than ordinary inverter air conditioners and can be based on indoor load to accurately adjust the refrigerant flow, all time room temperature 0.1 Fine control. Not only can prevent the temperature overshoot brought by the waste of energy, but also avoids the temperature fluctuations caused by uncomfortable feeling, a fundamental solution to the phenomenon of hot and cold.
Maximum room height 3m.
Advisable for rooms up to max 12 m2.

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