Electrolux 8.0 Cft. Front Load Dryer

$ 950.00

Electrolux 27″ Front Load Dryer | 8.0Cft. | EFME527UTT (Titanium)
Powered by the Luxcare® Dry System, these dryers are equipped for a precise sensor to protect clothing from over (or under) drying. Nothing is worse than pulling out freshly dried clothing and to see it covered in lint, and the Luxcare® Lint Shield keep it all trapped, even if you empty it while the dryer is in use. The 8 drying cycles have specialized settings for the optimal drying for the usual suspects like towels and delicates, but also specialized cycles for activewear. The fast dry option can also get clothing ready for wear in just 18 minutes, for when you need to dry and go.

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