Enprise L-Shape Desk

$ 240.00 incl. BTW

Enprise L-Shape Desk | W003537112 (Rustic Brown)
Work in style lets your desk look as good as your work with this computer desk featuring a metal frame and rustic tabletop and shelves. This L-shaped corner desk will fit into nearly any office in need of a space-saving alternative to overly bulky desks. Use it for work, writing, studying, gaming, or whatever brings joy to your day. No more wobbles say goodbye to small annoyances. The adjustable feet ensure that your corner desk is stable and won’t wobble with every stroke of your pen or button pressed on your keyboard. Plenty of room while this corner desk saves space, it definitely isn’t short of room. Put your computer monitor on one side, your laptop on the other, and notebooks in the middle. Fill the shelves with files, books, cups of your pens and pencils, or remove the top one to make room for a large gaming computer. Keep the product away from heat sources, fire, and water.

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