Fidget Spinner- Led On/Off Switched (Mixed Colors)

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  • Fidget Hand Spinner: An ideal for the fidgeters which can help them relief from high stressful mood or other emotional problems. Great EDC toy for officers and students to kill time.
  • Super Cool Mix Color Lighting: Our hand spinner features special LED light up and on-off control details which makes it very different from others. It can glow a cool bright lights, you can spin it even at the dark.
  • Content Three Luminous Modes: Our hand spinner provides three lighting modes which are flash light mode, 3 color rotating glowing mode and lighting mode respectively. You can adjust the lighting mode by pressing the switch.
  • Ultra High Speed: It can run for 1-3 minutes within a super high speed in your hand or on the table.
  • Small Fidget Toy Big Fun: This finger toy in small size fits your pocket well so you can release your stressful or anxious mood anywhere, anytime!


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