Frigidaire Gallery Water & Ice Filter | WF2CB

$ 67.70

The Frigidaire Pure Source 2 Water Filter is designed to give you and your family clean, fresh water that tastes right in your own home. Hydrate without worry knowing that WF2CB is removing harmful impurities like nitrates and asbestos found in tap water. Enhance the taste of your favorite beverages with this easy-to-install filter. Pure Source 2 WF2CB is suitable for specific Frigidaire refrigerators. Look for our berry-colored design with our new Genuine Filters stamp on the packaging to know for sure that your filter is authentic. Original filters are the smartest and safest option. Enjoy fresh water with peace of mind. Pure Source 2 filters your water to significantly reduce the presence of taste and odor of chlorine, alachlor, atrazine, alachlor, cyst 2, 4-D, lead, mercury,

Dimensions and Volume
  • Retail Packaging Height: 7″
  • Retail Packaging Width: 5 1/2″
  • Retail Packaging Depth: 2 3/10″
  • Volume: 0.61 Cu. Ft.

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