KitchenAid Electric Kettle |1.5L | KEK1522OB (Onyx Black)

$ 165.00 incl. BTW

Water Level Gauge

  • Fill and instantly gauge the desired water for heating.

Removable Base

  • To easily transfer your kettle once the water is heated to your desired temperature.

Temperature Control and Gauge

  • Simply slide the lever on the base to your desired temperature setting between 50 and 100 degrees Celsius for precise results. The temperature gauge rises as it heats and provides a precise reading as water comes to a boil, even when removed from the base.

Dual Wall Construction

  • Provides insulation to help keep the water temperature hotter for longer, while keeping the outside of the kettle cool to the touch.

Soft Grip Handle

  • Designed for comfort and easy handling.

Lid Release Button

  • For quick and convenient filling of water.

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