Micro Clean Spray 225 ML

SRD 85,00

Food residue left behind inside a microwave leads to bad odour, greasy deposits and bacteria formation. Also food particles sticking inside the microwave oven cavity can cause sparking inside, or diffract the microwaves from their path. Micro clean, a spray on cleaner to sanitize your microwave by removing bacteria and greasy deposits, thereby giving you a hygienic, odour free microwave, both inside and out.

  • Micro clean hygienically cleanses the microwave oven cavity from inside, and external body of the oven
  • Spray micro clean inside the cavity of the microwave oven from the distance of 15 to 20 cm and wipe the stained surface area with a clean cloth, spray on the outer body for a revived look
  • Plug out the power supply cable while cleaning and keep the door open for 10 minutes after use

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