Voltage Protector | 120V | 50/60Hz. | APVP-11EE1-4 (Black)

$ 14.00

  • Universal – will work to protect any brand of refrigerators or similar appliances
  • Indicators: green normal voltage, yellow standby cycle, red voltage out of range
  • Protects: low or high voltage electrical equipment, power outages and surges
  • Usage: specially designed for refrigerators and freezers with electronic circuit edges
  • Waiting time: after each power outage there is a 3 minute waiting period.
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Voltage Protector for Refrigerators and Freezers with Electronic Board
Nominal Voltage 120V
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Allowable Voltage Range (Fixed) 90V min 140V max
Reaction Time to Power Failure 1seg
Reconnection Time 3 min
Output Load Capacity 10 Amp
Peak Suppression 303 Joules
Amount of Equipment to Connect 1 unit
Equipment with Electronic Cards ?

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