Whirlpool 1.1 Cft. Low Profile Over-The-Range Microwave

$ 670.00

Whirlpool Low Profile Over-The-Range Microwave | 1.1 Cft. | WML75011HZ
This low-profile innovative microwave and hood combination from Whirlpool helps you achieve delicious results effortlessly. A CleanRelease® non-stick interior helps to prevent spills from sticking – simply wipe the mess away with a damp paper towel. The 400 CFM venting system keeps your kitchen smoke, odor and moisture free. Making meals has never been easier with the Tap-to-Open feature – just tap the microwave door with your wrist or elbow to access the interior without ever having to put dishes down. A variety of microwave presets take the guesswork out of defrosting and cooking foods, so now you can enjoy a bowl of popcorn with the simple push of the Popcorn preset button! Its sensor cooking technology also helps you track the cooking progress of your food and automatically adjusts cook times to get that meal just right.

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