White-Westinghouse 9KG Semi-Automatic Washer

$ 203.00

White-Westinghouse Semi-Automatic Washer | 9KG | WWTB09M3MSUPW

– Water Inlet: used to inject water.
– Wash Timer: used to select required washing time.
– Spin Timer: used to select required spinning time.
– Wash Selector: For washing, select Normal or Heavy.
– Wash/Drain/Rinse Selector: For upper drain, choose “Wash” for washing, choose “Rinse” for rinsing; choose “DRain” for draining. For lower drain, choose “Wash/Rinse” for washing or rinsing; choose “Drain” for draining.
– Capacity: 9KG
– Dimension: 74×42×89CM

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