Ecosential Cleaner CT 18-Oz. Single


Smart Choice Ecosential Kitchen Surface and Oven Cleaner is a powerful, ecofriendly cleaner designed for your home by the appliance experts. Safe and effective for use on most common kitchen surfaces including painted appliances, glass, vinyl and nonself cleaning ovens. It’s DfE certified and recognized as safe for the environment by the EPA.

  • Ecosential by Smart Choice 18-Oz. Kitchen Surface and Oven Cleaner
  • Ecosential by SmartChoiceTM Kitchen Surface and Oven Cleaner-
  • Tackle the task of cleaning up cooking spills and messes with this 18-oz.
  • Ecosential by Smart Choice ECOA cleaner that is safe for use on select countertops, vinyl surfaces
  • Manual-clean ovens and painted appliances, so you can keep your kitchen tidy

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