Egg Holder FB49762


  • HOLDS UP TO 12 EGGS: The holder holds up to 12 eggs of varying sizes from farmers eggs to large size eggs.
  • TRANSPARENT FOR EASY VISIBILITY: Clear finish to easily spot what is inside
  • INCLUDES A COVER TO KEEP EGGS FRESH AND PROTECTED: The clear cover keeps eggs protected for longer periods of time and lets you see at glance what is inside without having to remove the top.
  • DESIGNED TO LOVE AND LAST: Made of heavy duty, transparent plastic this bin ensures eggs are neatly organized whether stored in the fridge or pantry. A perfect alternative to paper carton organizers, it won’t break or crack easily.
  • Measures 9″ x 6.25″ x 3.12″
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Hand wash for easy maintenance

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