Knife & Carving Fork DBT-54142590 (2pc)


Hold your meat steady with the long prongs of this ice hardened stainless steel carving fork, then carve the finest slices of rare beef or turkey with the superior blade of the perfectly balanced carving knife. This exceptionally sharp, hand honed kitchen marvel includes a triple riveted ergonomically designed handle guaranteeing comfort and excellent leverage. Ice hardened knives are hardened from the core, creating more hard metal throughout the blade. Wash and dry your high quality stainless blades immediately after use to maintain the remarkable quality that comes with a lifetime warranty.
Key Features:
  • Full tang
  • Triple riveted handle
  • Edge ground at 20
  • Balanced and weighted
  • Hand honed
  • Size Carving Knife: 32,5CM
  • Size Kitchen Fork: 27,5CM

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