Plastic Shoe Box Medium SB49723 (Clear)


No more hunting for missing lids and damaged boxes! And forget about playing the guessing game of where are my shoes! This clear storage container allows you to see exactly what you are looking for, helping you get the pair you need before you head out the door! Use it to keep your heels and sneakers and boots protected during the off-season. A truly versatile storage box, it works equally well at storing school supplies, toys, kitchen gadgets and more. The uniform shape makes it easy to stack, cutting your closet space in half, while its slim profile allows you to discreetly place it under the bed. A ventilation hole in the middle also keeps everything fresh. Which means everything including your favorite leather books are fresh and remain in tip-top shape.

  • Multi-purpose, Stackable shoe box is great for organizing shoes, small tools, supplies, crafts and ornaments
  • Clear base to easily spot what is inside with a compact shape perfect for under-bed and back-of-the-closet storage
  • Ventilated hole keeps contents within the storage box fresh
  • Made of sturdy plastic
  • Spot clean for easy maintenance
  • Dimension: 32,5×19×10,4CM

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